blankI noticed the other night that Euro-Sport HD and Rush HD weren’t working. I thought it was a problem with SKY so left it for a day or two and then tried watching last night, only to discover a message on the screen telling me I would need to upgrade or subscribe to see the channel in future. The same message appeared for Rush HD. How annoying?

I called up SKY and told them that I had both channels in the past as part of my HD Pack. The lady on the line told me that SKY has changed the HD channels and removed them from my package and added them to another HD package, which I don’t have and if I want them back I must pay £1 extra a month. CHEEKY MONKEYS!

So SKY changed the HD packages as of the 1st of October 2010.

The only explanation she gave me was that it wasn’t fair for those new HD viewers that had chosen the Variety Pack before and they were missing out on some sport channels. FORGET about existing customers who have been paying for the extra channels or HD packs.

It is always the same where ever you go. The new customer gets the initial perks with their sign up, and once you are in and tied down to a fixed contract, then companies like SKY screw you over without the decency of even letting you know of the changes.

SKY is not cheap and in these trying times they should be looking after their existing customers, rather than taking away channels just because it’s not fair for new customers.

Very poor indeed.  It is time to think about leaving them.

Take a look at this Sky User Forum, where the news broke that sky were changing the packages. Note all the DELETED posts, I bet those were angry SKY subscribers reacting to the news.

Another topic in the same forum with more interesting points.