blankHow many more things can England lose by the end of the year?

Here is the "ENGLAND LOST LIST" all English people can be proud of:

  • Soccer (Everything), hence the reason England are not playing in the European 2008 championships.
  • F1 World Champion (Lewis Hamilton, blew it in the final race). I will not mention the spy scandal that rocked Maclaren and the massive fine that had to stump up.
  • Rugby (6 – 15) against the Springboks!!!!
  • Cricket (Ashes, India tour etc).
  • Tennis (Wimbledon) & Tim retires (well, no loss there!).
  • The Government just lost 25 million people’s data. (ha ha ha), and they have the cheek to tell us we need ID cards, against ID Fraud…
  • Northern Rock – Enough said!