Gmail or Google Mail have some clever tricks behind the scenes, if one chooses to switch them on in the Settings / Labs section. This particular one is called Mail Goggles and it’s a safety feature to test your state of mind before sending off an email. It kicks in between a certain time that is defined by you. So basically I might be pissed as a fart and decide to email my colleague at work and tell them what an arse they are?

Just after pressing Send, Mail Goggles asks a series of questions (not that these ones were hard), but I guess if I was too drunk to answer them or ran out of time the email would not be sent, saving me some embarrassment later on. Of course if one is a clever drunk there is no stopping you.


Needless to say the email that I sent was not to a colleague. [superemotions file=”icon_wink.gif” title=”Wink”]

In Settings, click on the Lab tab to enable extra features of Gmail

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