As promised, we now have a new look. I’ve been browsing through many themes in the past month and this one is by far the best looking one. The random header is built in, so there was no extra coding needed. In future I will be using photos we have taken on various holidays or day outs as the random header. For now there are some that are in there because I liked the background.

I’ll be upgrading the Gallery/Photo Album next. It’s not accessible at the moment because I forgot the administrators password and so have to re-install it. It’s the only way I know how to get around it. I tried using the "forgotten password" link, but because I haven’t set up the email side of the web page or should I say the "sendmail" function in Debian, there was no way of emailing the password back to me. Not a major problem, so I will be doing that sometime soon.

I have also activated the Akismet Plugin on my site to curb "comment spam". I had a little problem with that earlier, nothing major, but it shouldn’t happen again. So spammers I am onto you.

Just an update on Magic our Tonkinese cat. Her health has improved somewhat, although she still has difficulty walking. It seems there is a problem with her muscles or her brain is not registering movement correctly. It’s really weird. Anyway, we are taking her to the vet tomorrow night, hopefully those useless vets can tell us something we don’t already know. magic