five different beers + sambuca + whiskey = stupid.

I went out last night with a few friends to this cool pub called “The Ventry” in Cannon Street and in a short period of time managed to drink five different beers, a Sambuca and a whiskey. I don’t even like Sambuca or Whiskey so I blame my friends for forcing it down my throat (lol).

Why do we do such stupid things to ourselves? I always ponder this thought too late. Don’t get me wrong, the evening was brilliant and it was really good to see everyone, but yesterday I felt really crap all day. Thinking about it now, I don’t want to have a repeat performance in a hurry. Perhaps I am getting old, although it’s not that because next week I will do the same again even though I know it’s stupid. I guess it’s cool to be stupid once a week. Who needs all those brain cells anyway!

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