This post is about my experience of setting up the D-Link DCS 5222L Network Surveillance camera to the Samsung SmartThings hub. There is a note on the SmartThings app that says:

This device has not been officially tested and certified to “Work with SmartThings”. You can connect it to your SmartThings home but performance may vary and we will not be able to provide support or assistance.

In fact this is a bit misleading because the D-Link DCS 5222L camera is not picked automatically if the latest firmware “DCS-5222L_B1_FW_V2.14.04” is installed on the camera. I know this because I have two of these cameras on my home network and one was on V2.13 while the other was on V2.14.

When connecting the camera via the SmartThings APP, only one of them was picked up, the one running V2.13. After I rolled back the version on the second camera it worked perfectly.


Some other things to note before adding the cameras to your SmartThings hub:

  • The default paid app Mydlink+ works much better, meaning there are more options such as Pan, Tilt and Zoom available. The SmartThings app doesn’t appear to offer any of these basic functions, rendering your camera dumb with a fixed view.
  • Different views if set up, can be selected on the Mydlink+ app, but nothing can be selected via the SmartThings app.

For me it is okay, as I as I only use the cameras to point in a specific direction, but it might not be for everyone.

Or maybe someone has written a smart app that allows all those features.