Force India have made a formal complaint against Kimi Raikkonen and demanded that the World Champion is banned after he shunted the luckless Adrian Sutil out of the Monaco GP.

Banned for what? – Kimi was out of control when he hit Sutil. I am quite sure Kimi didn’t mean to shunt Sutil off the track. It was just one of those BAD LUCK situations. It could have happened to anyone, but of course the rest of the teams have this "thing about Ferrari", no matter who is driving the car. I am glad something like this has happened to another Ferrari driver, because this type of silly claim was all too common when seven times world champion Schumacher was driving.

Wasn’t it an exciting Grand Prix for once. Full of action, crashes etc. The best man on the day one, although luck played a good part in that, which is not a bad thing. All the drivers must have balls of steal to do silly speeds in the rain in those narrow streets of Monaco.