Work CrapBerry or iPhone.. that was the choice. The iPhone was ordered and it arrived last Friday, which was perfect timing considering I had the entire weekend to figure it out, not that I was expecting to figure much out as this phone was made for the masses. ūüôā


Just to be clear… I have never owned an iPhone and NEVER will, but this post just reiterates why?


  • Oh frack, I can’t use my standard USB 2.0 cable to connect the phone to my PC. The plug is different and as a result I have to buy another cable, so then I can charge next to my bed or at my computer or at work PC (mmm, that gets a bit expensive).
  • Why is the phone so heavy when it is so small? It must be that long lasting battery!
  • Wow! The icons are so dull and boring, but it seems I am unable to change them anywhere. How crap is that? ¬†
  • Damn, I can’t change the desktop background from the desktop in a quick easy manner, instead I have to tap through at least four screens in the settings to change the background. How BACKWARDS is that?
  • I installed Google Hangouts, BBM ¬†(ha ha) because they are awesome chat apps. I wanted to share a photo with either, but it only gives me options to share to ‘Message, Mail, iCloud’ and Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, which are not currently installed on my iPhone.
  • Why are every letter on the keyboard in CAPITALS?
  • Why are the keys so small? Even a person with small fingers could experience “fat finger syndrome”.
  • Why is there no choice to change the look and feel of the keyboard? I mean come on, the keyboard is the most frequent used tool on a phone. For example I would like to see the numbers and punctuation on the letters instead of having to tap into a key to select them and then another key to go back to the letters. All these extra keys means a total waste of time. Also typing in passwords become a right royal pain.
  • I guess it would be asking too much to be able to theme my phone and I mean all menus, the notification bar and the pull up bar. Yes it would be!
  • In the App Store if I search for something and find it and then want to search for something else, I have to first clear down the search bar before I can search again.
  • Some Apps do not have a back out option or a back link so the only way of getting out of the current screen or back to the beginning is to double tap the menu button, close the app and re-open it (BBM app is a good example). I was told to not blame the phone for this, so I am blaming the OS because if Apple had stricter controls over their software they would insist all applications are standardized.
  • In Albums at the bottom of the screen are three icons (Photos, Shared and albums). If I am in Albums there is no way to go back one screen unless I tap on the other icons at the bottom.
  • I want to add a clock and weather widget – Oh! there aren’t any widgets. My bad!
  • On the strange pull up menu, I don’t use the torch or the crappy calculator, can I add my own icons or at least change these icons?
  • How do I change the rainbow effect on the pull up menu? It is so bleh!

Fortunately all I am going to be using on the phone is GOOD enterprise for email and the phone function and nt much else to be honest as it is quite simply sh*t, ah, so that is what the S stands for in iPhone 5S.