I was reading a great article over at Allaboutsymbian.com where they have reviewed the Ngage gaming on a Nokia N95. It’s not surprising to read that the N95, which is over a year old is still one of the best phones to play the new generations games. That must say something for this great phone.

Below is an extract taken from that review.

The N95’s combination of a high class phone with an N-Gage-friendly layout and an excellent sharp screen makes it in our opinion the best N-Gage phone available at the moment. And because it’s well over a year old the N95 is now available for a fairly reasonable price, more or less the same as the N81, yet it far exceeds the N81 technically.

If you’re in the market for an N-Gage phone right now, the N95 would be our current recommendation. You may also want to consider its cousin the Nokia N95 8GB, which has a larger screen and multimedia/gaming buttons that are raised from the surface slightly. However, we have heard conflicting reports on whether the 8GB version can use its multimedia keys as gaming keys: some people say they can, others say it doesn’t work.

Still on the topic of phones, I found an awesome phone comparison site called Phone Egg. You can compare just about every phone on the market. I did a few comparisons between my phone and some of the so called "better phones on the market", and the Nokia N95 whipped their arses….

Mobile Phone Comparison
Apple iPhone versus UTC Touch Diamond
Nokia N95 versus Palm Treo 750
Nokia N96 versus Apple iPhone
Nokia N95 versus Apple iPhone
Nokia N95 versus Nokia N96

It’s going to be tough deciding on my next phone, when my contract runs out in a few months time. I still don’t see a better phone on the market.