Maxthon Browser

One of my colleagues (*Ed) mentioned to me that I should try out this Internet browser called Maxthon (silent "h"). So I gave it try and Wow!, it is incredible, I think it’s better than Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera put together. You’ve probably never heard of them. I hadn’t either, but it is a great browser with so many advantages over it’s rivals. Here are just a few I have come across:

Tabbed Browsing Interface
Maxthon Browser’s powerful tabbed interface will give you the best browsing experience without taking your taskbar space away. All the web pages are arranged inside Maxthon Browser’s main window. Multiple web pages are indicated by tabs for easy navigation.

Mouse Gestures
Command your browser just with your mouse! Mouse Gestures are another revolutionary invention among the browsers. With ‘Mouse Gestures’ enabled, you can use your mouse to command Maxthon easily. And Some people say that it feels like playing KongFu with their mouse.

External Utility Bar
With Maxthon Browser, you don’t have to start other programs by switching away. Just add them to the Utility Bar and launch them by a single click. You could even set them to start and shut down with Maxthon Browser automatically.

Super Drag&Drop
Maxthon Browser introduces another revolutionary technology to speed up your browsing – the ‘Super Drag&Drop’. With ‘Super Drag&Drop’ enabled, you can open new links by simply dragging and dropping the link on the page.