Wow! What a Chinese grand prix? I wonder what it feels like to be an Alonso fan today knowing that Michael Schumacher now leads Fernando Alonso on races won this year. (7 – 6), and although they are a tie on 116 points each, if neither finish in the points for he next two races, then Michael Schumacher retires on the best note winning his 8th world championship. Gosh team Ferrari must be happy tonight. I sure am.

Did you see Alonso’s face during the interviews when they asked Schumacher how he thought the next two races were going to end? Michael was grinning from ear to ear and said he couldn’t wait, while Alonso looked like he was dreading the thought.

He wins again.

 I would have loved to have been in earshot of him when he learned he was 3 seconds a lap slower than his team mate and Michael Schumacher after his first pit stop. I mean, how is it possible to lose the race when you are 24 seconds ahead of your team mate and 4 positions ahead of your only competition. I bet Alonso can’t wait to be sitting in that unreliable MaClaren, in fact it will most definitely feel like the last six races in his Renault car. I can’t wait to see his face next year, when he finishes with car failure and problems. I think I am going to bet that he doesn’t stick around for long.

So to Japan next week, a track Schumacher  claims to "love" as he said in the after race interview.