Goodbye 2005!

So the last day of 2005 is here. Where did this year go? It feels like yesterday it was the 1st of January and now it’s almost tomorrow. Does that make sense? It sounded right when I wrote it. 😉

So this will be my last post for the year and to mark the day I have decided to change my theme “again“… The beauty of wordpress I guess. (but it’s only a slight change, and I doubt it will be noticed).

I also upgraded my wordpress to version 2.0 – It’s pretty cool, once you are logged into the admin section. There are some nice touches in the post/page editor and a new look theme viewer and a couple of cool plugins that are now built-in. Definitely worth the upgrade if you are still on version 1.5.x.

Happy New Year 2006

And that is about all I have for now. Have yourself a fantastic new years eve.

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