Gorilla Waterproof patch and seal tape black

Gorilla waterproof patch and seal tape sticks like shit to a blanket.

I am sure you have heard that saying before. The Urban Dictionary explains it perfectly:

To adhere strongly to. That adhesive is brilliant. It sticks like shit to a blanket!

Leaky drainpipe spewing muck all over the ground.

Our tenant called the other day to say the drainpipe outside the kitchen was leaking. Apparently, all their dishwasher, washing machine and sink water were leaking out of the pipe onto the ground. Great I thought. I asked the tenant for a few photographs of the problem area on the pipe and wished I hadn’t asked. It was a disgusting mess underneath the pipe.

What fixes leaky pipes quickly and easily?

I had a look on Amazon and found three thousand four hundred and twenty-five people raving about Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape. It was black and 100mm wide by 3M long. I didn’t need that much but if all those thousands of five-star reviews were correct, I figured I could use the patch for a few jobs around the house. The bonus though was the price at £12.


Shit stinks!

Gosh, the stink under that pipe was something else. The pipe leads into the main sewerage pipe and it reeked like the bottom of a toilet bowl. I was struggling to hold my lunch in. After cleaning off the drain water pipe, I got rid of the old sealant and started to apply the Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape around the pipe joint. It was very sticky. It did say it will form a permanent bond. I had no doubt that was true. I wrapped it around the entire pipe joint a few times and then smoothed it out as best I could.

Result! No leaks whatsoever.


Product Description

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape is the extra strong tape, with which holes, cracks, gaps and cracks can be patched immediately. Perfect for the immediate repair of emergencies. The rubberized UV resistant carrier can be bent and stretched before applying to adapt to its surfaces. As soon as the extra strong band is glued, it stays like that. Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape is suitable for hot, cold, wet and dry conditions and forms a permanent connection. It offers a waterproof barrier for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for: roofs, veneering, window frame, gutters, drainpipes, planes, caravans and trailers, camping, ponds, paddling pools and inflatable boats! The performance depends on the surfaces and conditions. The surfaces must be clean, smooth and porous free. Water must be pushed out under the adhesive tape. Can not adhere to silicone or water-repellent materials.

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