Geeez, if you are a Londoner or live in the South East of England, you would have seen the flash floods we had this afternoon. It was bucketing down. There was even lightning and thunder, anyone would be mistaken to think we are in the middle of a drought. I wonder if any of that water was saved and stored?

But after seeing the chaos it caused at home time today, I started to wonder if London is in fact a city in a first world country…. let me explain.

Short Geography lesson for those who didn’t know; England is surrounded by water, yet we are experiencing a severe drought, which the government and the environmental people have known about for some time, or knew it was going to happen, yet have done nothing to kerb it by building more dams, or reservoirs. We have the Thames River (salt water tidal river running through the drought stricken area), yet no one has thought of setting up a desalination plant to convert salt water to fresh water. It’s easier for the water companies to increase our water bills, or penalise us for our water usage. Again totally daft when we have all this water on our doorstep.

Going back to this afternoon… When we have a flash flood like today, all the gutters were clogged up (why?), the roads flooded (why?) – I’ll tell you why, because some lazy bastards on the council didn’t clear the drains or gutters, the tunnels flooded, major roads were closed, the traffic jams were so bad there was 2 to 4 hour delays…. 6 major underground train services were suspended (Why, who knows???), some overland trains were suspended??? (Why?)

What is wrong with this picture? Why can’t this wonderful city cope?

When it snows, the trains are delayed, drivers on the road become mad, cause accidents, cause traffic congestion, when there are leaves on the rails, the trains are delayed, when the temperature moves towards 30 degrees, the lines buckle, and the trains are delayed.

We must be the only country in the world that complains and has enquiries into everything, I mean during the bombings last year, the police, ambulance service & fire services did an excellent job in rescuing survivors from the trains, and getting everyone out safely, yet one year on, the media are criticising how things were done, who should be made responsible. In the case of the poor bloke who was shot (12 times in the head) by accident, we haven’t stopped hearing about it since it happened. The media is saying the top bloke in charge wasn’t told the truth about what happened because they were worried at how he would take it… Huh! – what is that all about?

And now recently this botched up raid in which 250 police men and women broke into two brothers house looking for something that wasn’t there, as we discover after a week of questioning, the police have nothing… I mean really, what sort of police do we have in this city? What sort of intelligence are they working on? I am all for them protecting us from terrorists, but just raiding a house for no cause seems a bit stupid doesn’t it? How come the media aren’t asking questions about the raid, and what they hoped to find? What were their leads, why that house and why did they need 250 officers working overtime to raid one house with two people in it? Seems strangely odd!

Unless of course they found what they were looking for but are being held to ransom by the terrorist cell the two brothers belong too (free the two brothers, apologise for the mistake and pain and anguish caused) and the real terrorists won’t blow up more stations or public areas… you never know, (it’s the world cup, lots of people in pubs, stations etc, and I am sure we will never know either). I just smell a rat, especially since I do believe the police do an excellent job protecting us from these evil people.

However, we would love the police to raid our house without any cause, because then we could sue the police for 500 000 pounds, which is apparently what these two brothers are going to do, and there goes our tax money (ransom)…

We are in the middle of a knife amnesty, yet all we are hearing these days is that someone has been murdered or stabbed. It’s not exactly encouraging to hear such negative news every single day.

And as for the government (who give them credit have made this country economically stronger in the time they have been in power), can’t seem to do a thing right at the moment. What else can go wrong for them?

So there you have it! – I just wondered if anyone else noticed?