Traffic lights everywhere.

I thought London had bad traffic, but New York definitely tops London in this department. We were recently in New York and the one thing that is blatantly obvious along every avenue or street are the amount of traffic lights present. Take 5th Avenue for example (see above). I counted 9 traffic lights in a row and they were not synchronised, which means a lot of red (mainly by the drivers) and a lot of traffic backing up.

Below is an awesome view of the Empire State Building, with historic Little Italy in the foreground, but look at all the traffic! This photo wasn’t even taken in a main road and I could see six traffic lights in a row. No wonder there is so much traffic.

Historic Little Italy – but look at all the traffic!

There are so many one way roads as well, which I would imagine add all sorts of complications, especially when one wants to change lanes or take a left or right turn. All this made worse by the big American cars. ūüėČ