I gave Amazon Web Services my best shot as it is not a service you can simply sign up too and be up and running  in no time at all. There is a lot to learn and read. It was fun and a steep learning curve to set up my WordPress website through a command line (No cPanel to be seen), and at times a little frustrating when things didn’t work out.

AWS was very rewarding when I had everything up and running. My website was super fast and the tier I was on was free for a year. It is a wonderful platform to learn new things on, to fiddle with all the various network settings, storage, user permissions, security, routing etc. Trust me, I touched only the tip of the iceberg when it came to the AWS Services.

However, in my opinion it is no place for a website you want up and running 24/7. No sir! And that is why I have moved to something a little more stable. In a previous post I mentioned I had been on Bluehost.com for many years, but in the past couple of years I noticed a rapid decline in speed and there customer service was really poor and I often had to wait ages for a human to chat too.  So my search for a new host began.


I found FastComet online via many reviews and decided to give them a try. I chatted to one of the Sales reps online and found out tons of information. FastCommet reps were friendly and super helpful.

I signed up for their eCommerce Geek package, which seems to offer the best of everything. It is $6.95 per month for a year.

It wasn’t difficult moving my website from AWS and probably took a few hours at most. I spent a few hours last night updating my database to ensure all links were correct.

In the short time I have been with them (a day), I’ve used their support desk ticket system five times and their response has been excellent. They have dealt with my tickets super quick and that is all I was looking for in a host provider.