Picture the scene. Bowen, dressed as a surgeon (fancy dress),  running through a dimly lit tunnel underneath Clapham Junction to catch a train on platform 10. In his drunken state he doesn’t realize that there are at best 4 trains all heading towards London and that there is no need to run for any train.  With people stepping aside to get out of his way, someone shouts “Hey mate, you’ve dropped your phone!“.


Two things happened immediately. I instantly forgot about the train and secondly I thought “Oh my god it’s not my phone!“, and turned and ran back to where the Nokia N8 had landed. It was lying in a small frozen puddle in the gutter against the wall. My worst fears entered my head. With my heart pounding I picked up the Nokia N8 and started to examine it.

  • No broken screen – check!
  • No cracked screen – check!
  • No scratches on the screen – check!
  • No scratches on the front cover – check!
  • No scratches on the back cover – check!
  • No scratches on the sides – check!
  • No broken Xenon flash – check!
  • No broken Carl Zeiss lense – check!
  • It was still in screen saver mode showing the time, so I pressed the menu button and unlocked the phone. The menu appeared in all it’s glory – check!
  • I loaded up the Music app and played a song, and beautiful music rang out of the speakers – check!
  • I turned the volume up and down and the sound increased & decreased – check!
  • I pressed the shutter button and the camera came to life – check!
  • I pressed the shutter button half way down and the green auto focus square appeared on the screen – check!
  • I pressed a little further and off went the flash and a beautiful photo was taken of the subway wall – check!
  • I loaded up a few apps and they all started working perfectly – check!
  • I turned the N8 off by the power button and waited a whole minute before turning it back on. It came on and asked me for my pin number – check!
  • I synced up via Bluetooth to my Nokia BH-905 headphones. Connection was successful – check!
  • I played some more music – check!

With phone in hand I walked slowly to my platform and waited patiently for the train, heart still beating, but thankful that I was carrying a Nokia N8.


True story – I was pondering whether to write this last post on the Nokia N8, considering WOMWORLD/Nokia wouldn’t be too charmed with me if I returned a broken £600 Smartphone, but then I thought what a fantastic advert for the Nokia N8? It is made of super strong materials and is tough as nails – FACT!

One last thing to consider, the Nokia N8 I was carrying was not enclosed in a protective pouch such as the ones most Apple iPhone users have surrounding their phones and the ground in the Clapham Junction tunnel where I was running was made of concrete.

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