As a married man I hear the following words on a regular basis, "Mike, how many times have I told you to put the seat down after you pee? " because it’s the womans duty to say these famous words.

Bare in mind I don’t live with my mother anymore (sorry Mom), and I am 33 years old and because we have cats, putting the seat down is not good enough, the entire lid needs to be put down as well, just in case one of the cats decides to take a bath. hehehe!!!

Whiskey after been sprayed with the shower spray.Well yesterday (info: the hottest recorded day ever for the month of July), my lovely wife was just finishing up on the toilet, and did she follow her own advice about putting the lid down? —– NO!

And so our naughty kitten Whiskey decided he wanted some of the toilet action, and in a split second had jumped up and landed in the middle of the bowl (that had not being flushed). Ha Ha Ha!

So, of course, stinking of pee we had to bath him, and he was not a happy cat. We sprayed him with the hand shower and he was crying and growling and trying to get away. He looked pretty miserable when we got him out of the bath and onto the mat to dry off. You would think with a thick coat of fur like that, and being the hottest day ever, he would appreciate the water spray, but no way!

Anyway, it was very funny and hopefully it will be the last time I hear those famous words, because I’ll be quick to point out the culprit!