Are you getting the following browser screen when clicking on the OVI icon on your N900? Before flashing your device (I took these drastic steps twice with little success ūüôĀ although knowing how to flash your device is useful), check out the little application called Browser User Agent if you have it installed.


I must admit it caught me by surprise. I have been on various forums asking for help with little success until I got a reply from “noobmonkey” in the forums. Noobmonkey questioned whether I was using the application “Browser User Agent“, which installs itself in the Settings area of the N900.

This rang warning bells as I had used the “Browser User Agent” in the past. So I referred back to a backup, and restored Browser User Agent, and what do you know?, I was indeed using a custom setup. I removed it completely and logged into OVI Stores immediately.

blankThanks Noobmonkey. You can check out noobmonkey’s website over at