I discovered a comment on a website by Scott Walstead (Web Developer), he has developed a Spotify to YouTube playlist called and this is where my solution to the problem came about.
FYI: I used both Windows 10 (for Excel) and OSX (for terminal) to do this task. One still needs to run a few scripts in Terminal, but my solution definitely works as I have successfully imported a massive playlist to Google Play Music.

  1. Log into with your Spotify account. This pulls in your Spotify playlists into the webpage.
  2. Select a playlist and using the mouse highlight every row of the playlist and copy.
  3. Paste the list into a spreadsheet and remove any unwanted columns.
  4. Insert a column between Song and Artist and between Artist and Album. Add a backslash “\” into both blank columns.
  5. Use the =CONCATENATE formula (=concatenate(A1,B1, C1, D1, E1) to join the five rows together, repeat the steps for the rest of the rows. Save the file as Spotify.txt file. The results look like this.
    text format
  6. Download and extract Gmusic-Playlist from the Soulfx/gmusic-playlist website.
  7. After running into some difficulty with the command line, I discovered I needed to install some extra modules, so via terminal update python by running the following command: python -m pip install gmusicapi
    extra python module needed
  8. In the gmusic-playlist-maker folder edit the and add in your gmail email address at he top. Save the file.
  9. Copy the text file from step 5 into the gmusic-playlist-maker folder and then run this command: python Spotify.txt
  10. You will be prompted for your gmail password and then you should see a lot of searching text taking place.
  11. Finally when it is done there will be a summary telling you how many of your songs were imported into Google Music. I had 151 of 164 songs imported which is excellent.
  12. Finally check out Google Play Music playlist versus Spotify playlist. Success! 🙂
    Google Play Music - success
    Spotify export success