As crazy as that might read, it’s actually very simple to do and will cost you very little money, (unless of course your waterproof bag breaks and leaks, and @#%$’s up your expensive phone), in which case, “you try anything I have said at your own risk“. Just make sure you buy the right bag. blankI bought mine on the flight over to Mexico. It was in the duty free catalog, and was selling for £15. In the box were three vacuum sealed bags, each with three seals on each bag. One bag was for a clam phone, another for a mini camera, and the third bag was for an iPod. It even came with waterproof headphones. A jolly good idea. Please note: Even though the camera bag is meant for a mini camera, a camera with a lense would easily break, because there is not much scope for the extending lense, but for the Nokia N95 it was perfect, because the lense does not extend. You do get bigger bags, but I can’t imagine it being very practical. It would be better to stick with a proper camera housing then with seals. For a test subject, I placed a tissue in the bag and sealed it. I then held it underwater in the bath. A few bubbles released, which I read were correct, and after a few minutes was pleasantly surprised. No leaks what so ever. It is actually very clever the way the bag seals and then folds over each other. There is a black plastic sheath that goes over the seals and it has some plastic yellow clips to secure it in place. The bag also has a strap which can be tightened or loosened as need be. The bag also floats, which is an extra bonus. So as mentioned above I tested the bag with my Nokia N95 inside, at a place called Xel-ha in Mexico. Xel-ha has the most spectacular natural aquarium of the world. It’s a large natural salt water inlet, and you are encouraged to snorkel and use a tube to paddle around the bay. There are tons of fish where ever you swim, and being in the Caribbean, the water is warm. It’s impossible to get cold. I took loads of photos with my phone in the bag, while in the water and it was incredible knowing i had a good camera around my neck, rather than one of those ‘cheap and nasty box, use-once and then throw away’ cameras that the shops sell for a killing. blank I didn’t just use it above water, underwater it worked just as well. blank Bear in mind this is a photo through the transparent plastic. No bad at all. blank Nothing wrong with those colours. (These photos have been resized for the web site). blank I didn’t just take photos. No way oze! The Nokia N95 has an excellent video camera on board, and because the bag was transparent and flexible, it was very easy to use the phone in the water, so I just flicked over to the video mode and shot loads of video as well (with sound). I had an 8GB SDHC card in the phone, which meant I could take over 2 hours worth of video. The web site or email video mode is sufficient as you will see, and about 2 or 3 minutes worth of video takes up about 4MB. High quality mode, which is viewable on a TV takes up about 21MB for every 3 or 4 minutes give or take, so you can take a lot of video if you have the right card. I had over 4GB’s of music on the phone as well, so it wasn’t a problem for me. Below are some videos that I took with the Nokia N95. They are also on if you’re interested. (Just search for Lookatbowen or ‘Nokia N95 Underwater’. Everyone out there on the bridge or in the water was extremely jealous that I had this camera bag, and some were even more surprised to see me with a Nokia phone in the water. The dumb founded stares were quite funny. So many people asked me where they could buy the bag from. If only I had a salesman brain, I would have bought the entire stock on the plane (Next time!!!). Finally I would definitely recommend this product. There are various sites selling these bags online. You can do the searches yourself. I am not giving them a free advert. Although be careful, as I have seen a few US sites selling them separately for ridiculous prices. I got everything (camera bag, ipod bag with waterproof earphones & clam phone bag) for £15 or $30. Mike blank