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Keith Simister Personal Insurance Services

Insurance, it’s one of those hard to justify services one pays for life. If you are lucky or unlucky enough you may never have to make a claim. Normally making a claim means something bad has happened (your car got smashed by some idiot or your house was broken into or some kids threw a stone through your front window or worse case scenario your partner decides to die on you). Someday it will all be worthwhile but I suppose in the short term you just hand over your money to the insurance company and hope you are covered.

Over the past 9 years that we have been living in the UK we have done all our household, home and car insurance through Keith Simister. They are an independent Intermediary as their logo suggests and basically what that means for us, is that they have given us sound advice and good insurance policies over the years. They are based in Manchester, which is kind of strange considering we have lived in London and surrounding areas, and not gone with a local insurance broker, but we have noticed that you get a better service outside of London. This was true for our first mortgage, which we got through a company in Newcastle, our solicitors were from Leeds, and this is certainly true for our insurance.

We like Keith Simister because one can phone him up and have a chat.  He is not your average Joe in the park, who is just out to take your money and you never hear from him again. He is friendly and always looking out for a good deal for us. We get the usual paperwork on time and it’s clearly marked out and we know exactly what is going on.

Which is why I am blogging about Keith Simister.

If you are looking for insurance in commercial vehicles, private cars, household, commercial business, liabilities, indemnities, shops, offices, hotels & nursing homes at a good price with a trustworthy company, then give Keith Simister a call on Tel: 0161 724 6723 or drop them an email: or visit their website

We  give them a high recommendation. 🙂

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