bestofthebestHow often do you unsubscribe from email newsletters? It seems I am constantly doing it and weeks or months later the buggers send more junk. So I don’t believe for a minute that these companies are unsubscribing me. As a test, I am going to monitor Best of the best, because I have unsubscribed a few times now, and they keep coming back like a fly to a turd.

Best of the Best plc are a listed company on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. We have been trading for over 6 years and have given away over £8 million of cars to over 200 winners….

Who cares who you are, stop sending me bloody emails. I don’t want a super car or whatever you are giving away as a prize. If I remember correctly I was suckered into taking a ticket or 3 at Gatwick airport over 2 years ago. Whenever I fill in a form where it asks “do you want to be contacted in the future for promos or new competitions”, I always say “NO”. But I don’t think anyone ever takes any notice of that.

Thomsons Holiday is another company bombarding me with junk email. So I have unsubscribed from them as well.