Did you watch the race at Monza? How special was that, seeing the master at his best, and now he is retiring. I really wished he was going to say, "I’ll stick around for another year", but in a way he is now going out on a high, and if Michael Schumacher can win the world championship for the 8th time, then he will have made the right decision. Still I am very sad to see him go. There will never be another champion like him. I know that is a huge statement to say, but if you look at the current F1 talent, then it’s pretty hard to see who could possibly come close to what he has achieved.

I would say Kimi has a better chance at it than Alonso, what with Kimi taking over from where Michael will leave it. I think Alonso is going to find it tough at Mclaren, but perhaps that is what the cocky driver needs for next year.

F1 Legend
So the last three races are going to be fun. I can’t wait for the next one. I don’t want to wish three weeks away, considering I will be on holiday soon and want to enjoy my time off from work, but I am going to put all my bets on him winning his 8th world championship.

Question: Can anyone remember a race where Michael stood in front of the press and told the world how crap F1 was because they have decided to punish him because of an error or mistake he made in the qualifying or the race?

No! I didn’t think so….

A true champion doesn’t have a go at the sporting body that has made them a champion. What Alonso said about F1 is a disgrace and the FIA should punish him even further with a possible race ban. The rules are there to be obeyed, and they effect every driver.

I don’t remember Schumacher standing in front of the press crying like a baby complaining about the last place grid position he was forced to take because of his error in his Monaco qualifying lap, where he apparently parked his Ferrari in the road, thus blocking Alonso from doing the fast lap.

Isn’t it funny how Alonso’s attitude has changed over the past three months where he has seen his lead disappear. He is just showing his true colours (blue and yellow).

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