I am NOT surprised to see loads of websites dedicated to "hating James Allen". If you don’t know who this idiot is, then turn on your telly onto ITV on a Sunday when there is a formula 1 race showing.

He is the annoying person telling the viewers about the reason for the ‘white stripes on the wheels‘, and ‘how hard it is to drive a car without traction control’ and he is also the jerk probably sleeping with Lewis ‘fucking’ Hamilton, because according to James Allen, Lewis is the best driver in all time.

Here are few websites, and articles on this idiot and that other idiot Lewis Hamilton.

Sniff Petrol – Cock stopping Beebs.
Lewis Hamilton Sucks
Shut up James Allen
Fifth Decade
Yahoo Answers
Digital Spy – a petition to replace the idiot of ITV F1.
Youtube – the idiot going crazy when Jenson Button (another idiot) won his one and only Grand Prix. Listen to James Allen. You would have thought by the way he was going on that Jenson just won the world championship (in his dreams).