So Jeremy Clarkson punched and verbally abused a colleague and rightly so got disciplined (fired for his unacceptable behavior). Some Top Gear followers have forgotten wrong versus right and are blaming Oisin Tymon, the victim in this whole ridiculous fiasco and they have taken to twitter to show their frustration again the man. Do you know these people below?

Note: the tweets below in text belong to folk who are so ashamed of their original tweet, that they have since removed the abusive tweet or their accounts. (I am not doing the same).

These folk are happy to threaten and abuse on a public website TV producer Oisin Tymon because he took a smack in the mounth, and got verbally abused and did nothing about it! That is right, he didn’t report Jeremy to his managers, that was done by Jeremy. Jeremy Clarkson got himself fired, but has probably got Oisin Tymon losing his job as well. There appears to be no winners here.

It just goes to show how stupid these people are above and below for venting their anger online. Not only is it abusive, but it is also visible for the world to see. We get to see the worst of people in a time when they should be supportive of the victim no matter how famous or loved the abuser is.

No one should be glorifying Jeremy Clarkson. Yes he is a funny and lovable character who has made the Top Gear show what it is, but there is nothing acceptable about his aggressive behavior. I feel for the likes of James May, Richard Hammond and even Oisin Tymon as their jobs on the Top Gear show are effectively over.

For the record, I have reported every tweet embedded on this website for abuse or harassment or if they have threatened violence or physical harm AND I have blocked them.

More filth below: