On Monday we said goodbye to our SKY broadband and telephone package. Our broadband package really sucked. It was a 15MB SKY broadband package but we never actually got more than 7MB download speed. The upload speed was atrocious at under 1MB. Running PLEX media server to stream movies was impossible as the speed was too slow.

Now we have EE fibre. They told us we can expect download speeds between 30MB and 50MB and upload speeds of 5MB to 10MB.

The router supports both 2ghz and 5ghz channels, where 5G is the much newer faster technology. Regardless, I have tried both, and the results are staggering.

Above you can see some of the speed results I am getting using Wi-Fi in my house. There is one result in the list which was taken in Angel, London, that is LTE speed, but the top two I got this evening using both channels. Very impressive speeds, 5 times better than SKY broadband. EE rocks! Happy days streaming PLEX movies.