Panoramas make for a lovely photograph, because one gets a lot more scenery in the photo. It takes a bit of practice taking a good panorama. In the old days one had to take a number of photos and then use software to splice them together, but thanks to modern phones and cameras there are normally guidelines on the screen to help the photographer get the perfect line and the panorama is automatically built in camera.

Below are a collection of our favourite panoramas taken all over the world on various work trips, holidays and road trips.

On a side note, I have been searching high and low for a WordPress plugin that allows me to pull in photos from Google Photos. I am currently trying out a WordPress plugin called Photonic by Aquoid. It has a ton of options, which is wonderful and the creator has done a fantastic job. Donation on the way ūüėČ

(Hover your mouse over any of the thumbnails below to see a cool zooming in feature. Click on any thumbnail to see the panoramas in all their glory. One can use they keyboard left or right, or the buttons at the bottom of the image to view them).