What a week, that is all I can say!

Last Saturday I messed up something major on my Linux Server (Ubuntu). Don’t quite know what, but it screwed up everything, so I basically had to format the server. Not wanting to put Ubuntu back on, (once bitten), I decided to try out some other packages, so I tried FreeBSD. blankA big thank you to Mark Lindley for all his help, but I just found that package to be overwhelming and frustrating.  So in the end I installed Debian and have been fine tuning it for the past two days. I still haven’t figured it out, but have managed to get all my websites up and running much to my surprise.

And all the plugins that didn’t want to run on Ubuntu are running and running well on Debian. blank (So I guess, a big thank you to Gino Henry for his help on Debian). So, there is still a fair bit of work, especially on the Galleries, which aren’t working at the moment.

Spellchecker is now working, so no more excuses for spelling mistakes.