Hello, I am alive! It’s Friday, so I thought a bit of blogging was in order. I know I know, I use to keep this site up to date every minute of the day, but these days, my work comes first, and blogging comes last. But saying that, I’ve been watching the stats on my site, and it’s steadily increased to 250 a day, so someone is finding their buzz on my site. I can’t understand why?

Oh! I switched back to my original theme as the previous theme was really kak! – This one has definitely been the best over the years. I know the site is a bit slow at the moment, but that is only because my wonderful host ………………… NaaaaaaT! 
are kak as well and can’t offer a proper service. But I am stuck with them for a while.

But anyway, no excuses, I will update this site as often as I can. Tonight being one such night.

I just found this site called PCNames Domain Search. It’s unique! You can search for a domain name, as you type the letters, the website tells you if the domain is already taken instantly. (really cool idea).