Magic On Thursday night one of our tonkinese cats, Magic fell off the radiator and onto the chair. Now normally that would be something to laugh about, but when she fell, she didn’t land on her feet and seemed to go into a spasm.  Her back arched and her legs went all curled up. Much like us when we get cramp in our feet. Not a good thing to see.

By Friday morning she was a bit  worse for ware and the spasms were happening more frequently and she was having great difficulty breathing, walking and balancing.
So I took her to the vet and they kept her in for the day to observe her. When I picked her up later that night I asked the vet, "How is she?", and they said, "Fine, she is just fine, been OK all day, didn’t see much wrong with her, we gave her some injections etc", so I am thinking they have been monitoring her  during the day. She was very vocal in the car, meowing all the way home, so I was hoping it  was just  a once off thing.

When I got her home and out of the cat box, her condition was exactly the same, possibly worse, because I think she was not able to walk during the day in the cage they put her in. These bloody money grabbing vets make me sick, because why tell me she is fine when she clearly isn’t ok. We are currently doing some research and trying to get a second or third opinion.

It’s now Saturday morning and poor Magic has had a miserable night. She can’t walk properly, has lost her ability to balance and this is only made worse by the fact that we live in a double story house. So you can imagine the poor things turmoil. We have got anti-bio-tics and some steroids to give her over the next couple of days, and hopefully she can pull through.

I will keep you posted.