According to their web site it’s completely new, and it’s never been done before… Huh!, what’s never been done before? – "mariposaHD is the world’s first High Definition TV show distributed directly on the Internet.  It is made by four ordinary guys, with consumer-grade equipment, in our living room.  It’s TV, 21st century-style".

Wow!, sounds interesting, especially since it makes use of HD technology and according to the web site it’s FREE (words I like to hear). They make use of P2P distribution, so basically you can use programs such as Zudeo (Powered by Azureus) or BitTorrent to download the episodes. The episodes are 1 GB in size, so a lot bigger than your average AVI or DIVX, but then they are not in HD quality.

You can also find the episodes at Dovetail. They are a browser-based media distribution platform that utilizes peer-to-peer transfers and streaming video previews.  Dovetail distribute in full 720p High Definition resolution. (Not bad for a web site).
P.S. Dovetail doesn’t support Mozilla Firefox – Hopefully they will get into the 21st Centuary soon. ūüėČ

I’ll comment about the show in a week or two after I’ve downloaded a few and watched them.