sirius-ransomHa! Ha! Those pirates that hijacked the Sirius Oil Tanker appear to have drowned in a storm at sea. They were on their way back to the shore after they were given a ransom by the owners of the oil tanker.

Just shows you, that crime does not pay.

Many reports said that the pirates were well co-ordinated. It seems greed got the better of them. They could have waited a day onboard until the storm passed and then made a dash for shore…

Justice was served by mother nature or was it? This story stinks like a dead rat… What’s the bet those remaining pirates made this story up so that the rest of war torn Somalia wouldn’t have a man hunt on those pirates when they got home. $3 million in Somalia money must be a helleva lot of money. Enough to feed the whole country… ha ha!!!

So I bet 1 mile off shore, the 5 supposedly drowned pirates swap boats and head towards a safe haven taking the ransom money with them. The 3 remaining pirates swim back to shore and tell the people that there was a massive storm and that both pirates and money are presumably drowned. They were clever enough to hijack an oil tanker, and they had plenty of time before and onboard to have a better plan of getting away with the money – Don’t you think?