Featured Image - Coldrum Long Barrow

Neolithic Long Barrow Coldrum Stones near Trottiscliffe with the DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Neolithic, refers to the period of British, Irish and Manx history that spanned from circa 4000 to circa 2,500 BCE. (Source Wikipedia).

My aim today was to film the neolithic long barrow known as the Coldrum Stones, with my DJI Mavic Pro drone. The stones are located near a small village called Trottiscliffe, in Kent, United Kingdom.

The stones are looked after by the National Trust and are free to visit any time of the year. It is a lovely walk to the stones, along side the fields, forest and gorgeous views of the North downs.

Coldrum long burrow neolithic stones

I created the mission (flight path) my drone would be flying using the Litchi Mission Hub website.

I had a rough idea what height to fly at and 98 ft was just high enough to cover the large trees surrounding the site.  It was a bit of a hit and miss, but the beauty of the mobile app is that I am able to make changes when I am on site and save for future purposes.

It looks like I got the settings almost spot on. I didn’t manage to get the beautiful views down the valley, so I have tweaked the mission and will re-visit the stones another time. Editing the video in PowerDirector 15 has become a lot easier now that I have created some time saving templates for my watermark, the title and the ending. This program has literally hundreds are features just for text.

I also added a few speed ups & slow motion to the video. It really makes a difference and reduces the video length big time. I tried a different royalty free music download site this time around. Incompetech has a great selection of music. The music I chose was a little dark given the video is filming a burial site.


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