It’s been a while since I flew my WLtoys V636, 6 axis quad copter, partially because the batteries I had seemed to deteriorate quite quickly over the past six months. They were these bubble gum stick 500mAh look-a-likes, which lasted for about 5 minutes of flying. That is not much time considering they took about 90 minutes to charge.


These blue 780mAh batteries are the biggest I have ever bought for my quad. They should get at least 9 minutes of flying time.

I also bought the USB Multi Function Charger, which is great because one can see exactly when the battery is fully charged, (It is taking roughly 40 minutes to charge), however I was slightly deceived when I purchased this device as I was under the impression it could charge 6 batteries at one time, but alas, it can only charge two of the 780 mAh batteries, and it has 4 other ports on the side for some other type of battery. Oh well, I am not complaining. I can charge 6 at a time, which is more than I could charge before at any given time.

I got them from – they did take a good 3 to 4 weeks to arrive from China via the Netherlands. Still worth the wait for the cost.
batteries for quad copter