blankSamir has been at it again with his RotateMe software. He has released a final version, which you can find for FREE on his web site, but he is busy on another BETA. The new beta is pretty awesome for LEFT Handers, like myself. I am able to turn the phone 180 degrees left or right and the keys work perfectly.

There is 2 new options:
– Slide behavior: Check "disabled" to stop the slide behavior.
– Landscape 180: Enable this setting to rotate the screen also at 180 degrees.

Samir goes on to say that it only works the latest firmware (V20) on the older Nokia N95 phones and that the keypad is not rotated, but it definitely is.

So if you would like to get a copy of this brilliant new beta version, why not donate a few bob over at Samir’s or download the version he has made available for free.