I was lucky enough to turn on Absolute Radio right in the middle of an interview with Bon Jovi.  It appears they have a new single out called “We weren’t born to follow” and a new album out in November called “The Circle“.


I have been a fan on Bon Jovi ever since their third album, and have all the CD’s and loads more bootleg concerts that I could throw a stick at. Been to three Bon Jovi concerts and have a few on DVD. – They are the best rock band in the world, up there with Bruce Springsteen, U2, Rolling Stones etc. For me “New Jersey” and “Slippery when wet” were there best ever albums, with “Blood on blood” from New Jersey being my favourite song of all time. I must have about 25 different versions of that song. It’s a brilliant song.

So it’s with much anticipation that I await the eleventh studio album of Bon Jovi. There are definitely not many bands that have lasted the test of time than these guys.

The new song can be bought from Amazon and Itunes and can be downloaded from various well known torrent sites.