scr000053I am not a huge fan of Facebook and all the silly applications that come with it, but for communicating with friends and family it is brilliant. I’ve been using it on my various mobiles for quite some time now although none of the FB applications were that user friendly or in the Nokia 5800XM’s case “finger friendly”….. until now!

Symbian have release a new version of the Facebook application especially for the touch screen Nokia 5800XM and N97 and it’s a pleasure to use. The screen options are clear, there are nice big buttons and accessing the various menus are very easy and fast. One of the coolest features is the camera button (see top left corner). Pressing on this button pops up a choice to take a photo using the onboard camera, or one can select a photo from your phones gallery, but either way the photo is immediately uploaded into a new or existing album in your Facebook profile. It’s lightning fast as well. I was walking down Cannon street yesterday and literally snapping photos and uploading. It’s such a useful part of the application, especially if you are a happy snapper like me and want to share photos with your friends and family.

Other cool things are the quick access buttons to comments (see the little comments balloons to the right of the news feed) and quick access to your profile, status, friends, photos and Inbox. What makes this application work on the 5800XM is all the screen space. Nothing feels like it’s been squashed in and for that reason it’s a pleasure to use.

You can download the Facebook application from the Nokia OVI store on your PC, or download it FREE from the OVI store  on your phone. To install the OVI store application you need to download it from their website. It should prompt you to install the OVI application on your Nokia phone when you first login or enter the site. The OVI store is another cool application and allows one to download free or pay applications, music, ring tones, photos etc. There is a link below.

(Facebook application for S60v5 generation phones highly recommended).