Yes, it’s that time of the year when various updates for the site have to be put in place. I noticed there was a new gallery release (Gallery version 2.1 (Blackjack). So ours has been updated. This is by far the best free open source gallery package out there.

I have also updated the current theme of Lookatbowen to Vslider 2.0. The creator of this theme (Rui Pereira) is a genius. A big thanks to him.

I finally got the gallery working, used another theme by Rui for the gallery (really cool). I’ve had to make some minor changes to it to get it to work with my photos etc. I am using the WPG2 Plugin that allows Gallery2 to embed into WordPress and to make it look like the rest of the site. It is working at the moment, so if you want to look through the photo albums feel free.

Random Photos

I have also managed to get the Image Block Grid that you see on the sidebar to work. This has caused me so much problems, but thankfully it is working now. If you click on any of the photos under Random Photos, it loads that photo, and if you click on any of the Newest Albums, it loads that particular photo album. blank