Welcome to our new LookatBowen web site. It’s still early days so don’t expect much in the way of news or site updates. I am in the process of embedding my photo album (the new Gallery 2 photo album) into WordPress 1.5, (the engine running this web site). It’s been a real bitch of a project, but so far it’s all working and it’s looking great if I may say so myself.

I will be keeping the old site running until I have moved everything over to this one. You will still be able to access it, just under the following name old.lookatbowen.com

    So what is new:

  • There is now a random photo thumbnail on the right side bar. If you click on the thumbnail it will load the photo into the main body of the page. (pretty cool).
  • If you are having difficulty reading the text, you can now adjust the font size by making it bigger Increase or smaller Decrease.
  • You can also justify the text Left Centre Right.
  • You can also bookmark our site Bookmark and print Print if you wish.
  • Here is an example of an embedded photo 27 within the body of the text. I don’t actually have the path of the image, just the ID file, and WordPress has automatically thumbnailed the image and placed it into the page with the right code. Quite impressive.

The photo gallery has taken some time, as the backgrounds were all screwed up. Hopefully they will look pleasing on the eye. Please do leave a comment if you feel the look is not right, as I would like to know what you think.