We have upgraded Stuffonmydesk.com from a WordPress blog site to a Pixelpost site because Pixelpost is more geared towards images and photographs.

The new Stuff on my desk dot com
The site is about 90% ready. I’ve got a fair bit of work to do. I have to upload all the comments and text manually because I have not found a way to migrate the data from WordPress to Pixelpost. The SQL is a bit of a bitch, but until I figure it out, it will have to do. I managed to get all the photos on though, and Pixelpost created all the thumbnails automatically, so that is a major step towards completion. Anyway, click on the link above and try out the new site. If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Navigation is a lot simpler with buttons at the top for previous, random and next and thumbnails at the bottom. You can also click on the main image to run through the photos.