We have a new logo, which includes our new car, the Tesla Model 3, our first electric vehicle. I bet you didn’t even notice it, so scroll back up and take a look. 😉 We also have a new website theme. Happy New Year.

Tesla’s Mission: Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Last year was an important year for Tesla. In 2015 they set a target for themselves, to sell or deliver 500,000 electric vehicles by the end of 2020, which they achieved, thanks to the small part we played.

We have always been conscious of protecting the environment and this was true for our previous car as well. Our Nissan Qashqai emitted very low CO2, which meant we didn’t have to pay road tax. Unlike some of the other dirty German, French, Italian and Japanese cars.

Our Tesla Dream.

Our Tesla dream started in early February of 2020 when I bought some shares in the company. It further accelerated in March 2020 when Tesla shares crashed right down to $355 along with the rest of the market due to Covid-19.

Around that same time, I started watching a lot of stock videos on companies that disrupt other companies. Tesla is one such company. They don’t just do cars, despite what a lot of people think.

I found three guys on YouTube who were doing daily or weekly videos on Tesla and how they were disrupting the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE sector), solar and energy storage markets.

Solving The Money Problem.

Solving The Money Problem

The first guy I discovered was Steven Mark Ryan (@stevenmarkryan), who ran the channel called Solving the money problem. Steven created 10 to 15-minute videos on various aspects of Tesla. He also highlighted how the mainstream media analysts were spreading FUD and fake news and getting Tesla so wrong. He also covered how Tesla was producing better and more efficient cars.

Steven came across as quite knowledgeable, a little arrogant, but in a funny Australian way and I could see he knew his stuff from the research he was presenting. Steven started his channel in November 2019.

Tesla Daily.

Tesla Daily

The second chap was Rob Maurer (@TeslaPodcast) of Tesla Daily. He was equally knowledgeable and had many interesting videos. He also started his YouTube channel around November 2019.

Rob’s YouTube About page says the following:

Tesla Daily is a channel covering all things Tesla, Inc., published every weekday. News on Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar, and Tesla Network is discussed in a concise and consistent manner, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest from Tesla.

Chicken Genius Singapore.

Chicken Genius Singapore

And the last chap was Chicken Genius Singapore. (@pakpakchicken) He started his channel in mid-2019. Another down to earth, well-grounded, normal, everyday guy, who showed a lot of common sense and knew his subject matter inside out. His references to Donkeys (who trade badly) was also quite funny.

All three guys covered Tesla and each offered their own spin on the company, which gave me a lot more confidence when it came to buying Tesla at whatever price it was at the time.

Every day there was at least one video I could watch, and when there weren’t any, I would watch the previous weeks or months of videos. I did become a little obsessed during 2020 amidst all the doom, gloom and negative news on Covid-19.

Getting Jo onboard the Tesla gravy train.

Some time in August 2020 Jo started to take an interest in Tesla. FOMO had set in from all the times I said “Tesla is up another 20%“.

Or she was sick and tired of hearing “Hey I’m Steven and this is Solving The Money Problem. If you are new welcome and if not, welcome back” at the beginning of every Solving the Money Problem video.

Jo’s first trade was Tesla.

Jo watched a few videos with me and then one day I managed to convince her to set up stocks and trading ISA. The first stock she bought was Tesla at a lofty price of $1390. A lot of money for one share, but we were confident that it would go up. Jo proved to be very lucky, because that same day we bought Tesla stock, after the closing bell, Tesla announced a 1:4 stock split.

That meant for every 1 stock owned on the 1st September, one share would become five shares. The total value stayed the same, but one had more shares and/or more options to sell for a profit while holding onto some of the remaining shares.

The three YouTubers produced a lot of Tesla videos in the coming weeks and by no coincidence, the stock price rocketed all the way up to $2213. Jo had caught the trading bug. Then the stock split happened and we each gained 4 extra Tesla shares for each share owned. The new split price was $442. It briefly shot up to $500 before dropping all the way back down to $400. I recall it briefly dropped to $384, where we bought a shed load. 😀

Tesla's chart in 2020.

Don’t bet against Elon Musk.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) were gunning for the share price to drop further and all the naysayers came out of the woodwork, but it didn’t take long before the Tesla share price to head back up.

The last quarter of 2020 saw Tesla ramp up big time, and we topped up whenever possible. When we heard Tesla would be added to the S&P 500 index, we got very excited. So did the share price.

You make your own luck.

In early November our stars and planets aligned perfectly, and we had a stroke of good fortune.

We decided it was time to buy a new car. Our six and a half-year-old Nissan Qashqai had started to cost us money with things going wrong. When we asked the question, “What car should we get next?“, both of us came to the same conclusion. It should be a Tesla. 😀

Can you really buy a Tesla in one minute?

You can and there is a video by Rob Maurer at Tesla Daily on this very topic. Do watch the video and see how easy it is.

You want to see how user-friendly and easy the Tesla website is.

Tesla Model 3 website

These were the decisions to make:

  1. Rear-Wheel Drive or Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive.
  2. Long Range or Performance.
  3. Choose from the following colours: Pearl White, Solid Black, Midnight Silver, Deep Blue or Red (We knew red was the fastest, so we picked that one. It was also the most expensive, but speed is everything). 😀
  4. 18″ Aero Wheels or 19″ Sport Wheels. (We’ve had low profile wheels on our Nissan and they damaged a lot more easily on a country lane with potholes, so we picked the 18″ Aero Wheels instead).
  5. Tow Hitch or not?
  6. Black or white interior.
  7. Full Self Driving or not. (The FSD feature is cutting edge).

It was that simple. One can also trade-in your old vehicle, which we did. There were a couple more questions, and after a few minutes wait, we got a very favourable trade-in quote, which was better than the webuyanycar.com website. A good result!

Test Drive A Tesla.

We booked a test drive at the Gatwick Tesla Services Garage. Unfortunately because of lockdown 2, we had to wait a month before we could take the test drive.

The 14th of December finally arrived, and we headed off to the Test drive centre. A guy from Tesla explained how the car charged and some of the features of the car.

We only have the Model 3 Performance for your test drive.

The Tesla guy then apologized that they didn’t have any model 3 long range cars at the garage, instead, we were going to test drive the model 3 performance model. It was apparently a second faster than the long-range model. We weren’t complaining. 😀

Then he told us he couldn’t join us either on the test drive because of Covid-19 and social distancing rules. How unlucky! 😉

Whiplash is possible in a Tesla.

I drove the first 30 minutes out into the countryside and Jo drove the return 30 minutes. It was insane how fast the car went and how grippy it stuck to the road around the corners. The feeling of instant acceleration and speed was awesome.

Not having to use the brake pedal was a brand new experience for me and at the same time, it felt quite normal. The car had regenerative braking. In a nutshell, it means taking the wasted energy from the process of slowing down a car and using it to recharge the car’s batteries. It felt so natural.

Instant acceleration on tap.

The sheer amount of power available anytime the accelerator was pressed is just amazing.

Jo put her foot down a couple of times but was a lot warier than me. There wasn’t really time to play around with the touch screen and before we knew it, the time was over. There wasn’t a single knob or dial on the dashboard. And surprisingly it didn’t bother us in the slightest.

We got back to the test centre and told the salesperson we wanted to buy the car, well not that one as it was £10K more expensive, but the Model 3 Long Range. Tesla confirmed our car specifications and said the car was in stock and would be available in a couple of days if all the paperwork was signed off.

It sucked getting back into our old car and driving home.

Digitally sign the contract.

The Tesla website managed all the paperwork. All I needed to do was digitally sign the contract and agreement. One gets to create an account and every step of the way has a status. It is very clever and effortless and one wonders why other car companies aren’t doing this?

We received an email notification on the 23rd of December telling us we could go to Thorpe Park on Christmas Eve to pick-up our car. It would be our last drive in the Nissan Qashqai.

Tesla asked for the logbook, which we exchanged and then they sent us on our way to find our new car. It was so exciting walking through Thorpe Park looking for our car. The car park was one giant Tesla storage area. It was quite incredible to see how many Telsa’s were ready for delivery.

Charging the battery at a SuperCharger.

Tesla delivered the car 42% charged but offered a free supercharger at Heathrow airport roughly ten minutes drive away. They briefly showed us how the map works and where to find the superchargers in the area.

At the supercharger we couldn’t figure out how to open the cap or get the charge hose out of the machine. 🙂 It is actually very easy to use once you know how.

It felt odd sitting there for twenty minutes charging the car up and seeing other cars pull up and do the same. A completely different experience.

While the car was charging Jo and I ran through various menus on the touch screen, played some games, tried out some of the seat, mirror and steering wheel functions, setup our driver profiles and played around with some car functions. The technology is simply incredible.

Charging at home.

The car comes with a mobile connector, type 2 charging cable that can be plugged into a standard 3 prong wall socket.

We have used the charging cable the whole time and it works really well, but it is very slow to charge.

It currently gets 10 miles per hour, which is running at 2.4kW per hour. We charge at night between 00:30 AM and 7:00 AM, which is the cheap tariff, so the most charge we can get in a night is 7 x 10 miles = 70 miles, which is okay for now.

What is this I hear about a referral code and 1000 miles of free supercharging?

Yes, If you use my referral code before purchasing your Tesla, you and I will earn 1,000 miles of free Supercharging. Each car referral also gives you a chance to win a Model Y monthly or Roadster supercar quarterly. Owners who already have free Supercharging get two chances to win. So what are you waiting for, click my referral code?


The best looking wall charger is the …

I’ve compared a number of wall chargers and the Andersen A2 is the best-looking one (and looks are important in our Croft). It is also compatible with our car, and it doesn’t require an earth-rod placed in the ground. Andersen is a British company and that was another reason to support them.

The Andersen Type 2 wall charger will be able to charge the car at 7kW per hour, which is roughly 40 miles per hour, so around 4 times faster than the standard charger. Of course, we can also use the superchargers and any EV charge point dotted around the countryside, and these days there are hundreds of them around.


We have read the Tesla Model 3 manual all two hundred plus pages and although there is a lot to take in, a lot of the main driving things are very easy to find and the user profiles take care of the majority of settings one ever needs to worry about. The manual can be found in the menus, which is great.

We have also watched a visual Tesla Guide for Model 3/Y.

There were a lot of ‘Ah that is how it works‘ moments. 😉

We can’t wait for the lockdown 3 to finish, so we can get out on the motorway and explore some of the awesome features such as Full Self Driving (FSD).

I’ve briefly tried using auto-pilot in the local area on small roads, where it is not so efficient, but I will talk about FSD and the other features in another post soon.

Lastly, if you haven’t read the autobiography of Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, how the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future, I recommend you do. The book explains a lot of what is happening now with Tesla and SpaceX.