So most UK car owners got screwed yet again by the government after they announced the new car tax bands? We’ve just purchased our car tax for this year and it was £118, which is relatively low considering I have a 1.9Turbo Diesel (which by the way, is still at the garage because Skoda somehow managed to blow my turbo engine), but going back to the car tax, next year I will pay £110, so thank you Mr Brown for saving me £8. blank
Gordon Brown

My brother Peter visited us yesterday, well it was brief stop over to the say the least. He came up from Portland where he is based on a cable laying ship. He needed to fetch a laptop I got him, so it was a matter of him getting a 3 hour train trip from Weymouth to London Waterloo, then to Canary Wharf, managed to have some dinner at Tootsies in Jubilee Park, and then he was on his way back to Weymouth.

What a brilliant web site PXN8 (pronounced pix-en-ate) is? PXN8 is an online image editor with a user interface developed with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) which are available by default on all modern web browsers. It does the basics fast and you can have an edited photo on your site in no time at all.
Here is Anna Kournikova beautiful legs before editing.
Unedited Anna
Here is Anna Kournikova beautiful legs after editing.
Edited Anna