blankGrrr, no Matter box again today!   How very disappointing

To show my disappointment I came up with some extra words to the song “No matter what”. I hope you like it!

No matter what ( tells me.
No matter what they do (comment, email and make more promises and excuses).
No matter what they teach us (Matter teaches us to hate Royal Mail and to wait patiently for little boxes).
What we believe is true (Yup Matter & Royal Mail screwed up my delivery).

No matter what they call us (desperado’s for waiting a year for a box of ????)
However they attack (well they emailed me at least 4 times over the year promising a box of matter)
No matter where they take us  (yeah! they take us as fools).
We’ll find our own way back (I won’t be finding my way to the site again).
I can’t deny what I believe (The matter box is not going to arrive through my letter box).
I can’t be what I’m not (well I won’t lie, the box never arrived and that is damn annoying).

I know I’ll love forever I know, (well I certainly won’t be loving the matter box).
no matter what… 🙁

Oh well, no review of the matter box, so instead here is a cheesy video of Boyzone singing the above words in black.

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