Nokia 5800 new firmware v31.0.101 available.

There is a new firmware download for the Nokia 5800. It is version 31.0.101 and I have successfully installed it.

I was not able to download OTA (over the air), as it says not available, but it is there to download through the new Nokia Software Updater (v1.8.10en).

I can tell immediately that the new version does not bring Kinetic Scrolling in the Internet, Address book, Gallery or Music lists, but it seems a lot quicker (perhaps because it rebooted the phone) moving through the address book, music lists and gallery. Photos load immediately and I have over 500 photos on my phone and almost 5 GB’s of music and video etc.


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5 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 new firmware v31.0.101 available.

  1. i was update by nokia software update then master reset after update. it was fixed after that but now i have this problem again. i don’t back up or restore anything

  2. Sadly, if you don’t backup your data before running a firmware upgrade on your phone, the problem is down to you.

    However I would recommend a “hard reset” and by that I mean – follow the instructions on this post link: or the following instructions:

    To hard reset your phone from off, hold the camera button, the green button and the red button down and with your spare fingers press the power button in. This can be quite tricky but if you have an extra hand it’s easy. After the initial boot up sequence, you will be prompted to setup the country, the date and time. Restore your backup and you should have your old phone setup back.

    Let us know if you have any joy!

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