p1000538-smallIt had to happen. I CRASHED my Nokia 5800XM front screen after installing something (not sure what as I have installed a lot of applications recently thanks to the brilliant OVI Store).

This morning I noticed my front screen was missing the shortcut bar although I could press the buttons, but nothing was happening. The Contact and Dialer buttons at the bottom were visible but they didn’t do anything when pressed.

Annoyingly these things happen when lots of applications come together and doing a quick search on-line I see it has happened to a few others. I can accept that these little quirks don’t happen often, so I backed up the phone using the Nokia PC Suite software and then did a hard reset.

FIX: To hard reset your phone from off, hold the camera button, the green button and the red button down and with your spare fingers press the power button in. This can be quite tricky but if you have an extra hand it’s easy. After the initial boot up sequence, you will be prompted to setup the country, the date and time. Restore your backup and you should have your old phone setup back.

Of course that is what all the web sites say, but typically I discovered I had lost a few key applications such as the brilliant Nokia Messaging and a few others applications that were installed on the memory card. I am not sure why they have not restored properly, but it’s not a train smash. This is a good way of purging crap off your phone.