There is a new firmware out for the Nokia N95. I had a bit fun yesterday after I upgraded to V30.0.015. For some reason or other it conflicted with a trial application called “Handy Shell“.

I was unable to remove the Handy Shell application, and every time I started the phone it would just lock up with a message “Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer“. Did a search on Google, and found a whole lot of solutions, which didn’t work for me. After a couple of Q&A on the Nokia Forum, I decided to re-install the firmware, which fortunately fixed the problem, but I was unable to use my latest backup. Actually I think the latest backup contained the Handy Shell application, which was the root of the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, the Handy Shell application is brilliant, although it came out before V30, so perhaps it does not like the new firmware changes. I don’t know, but my phone is back to it’s former glory, faster than before, and has a few extra features namely (as seen on Nokia Addict dot com).

– Maps 2.0
– Nokia Search 4.0 with google plugin
– Share on OVI added
– Comes with music extension
– Mosh & OVI bookmarks added to browser.

Changes/Improvements include:
– Download! application updated (v3.1.50)
– New basline for Startup settings
– New baseline/upgrade to music Player
– Baseline update for Flashlite3
– Current consumption improvements
– New basline for VOIP
– General error corrections