This page will list everything that is good (and bad) about the new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Nokia’s first touch screen phone. It comes with a 3.2megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and has auto-focus and flash. There is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS with Nokia Maps and 3.6g HSDPA for really fast Internet. It’s not an N-Series phone, although looking at the above specifications, it has everything the N95 has (bar the 5megapixel camera) and a touch screen.


The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is my latest mobile replacing my Nokia N95. I bought it from the Nokia shop in Regent Street, London. It’s the same as the image above, with a blue band surrounding it! It’s very cool. However, it has now been replaced by the awesome Nokia N900.

The Bad:
these will change {trust me} through firmware, which Nokia are extremely good at doing, but for now these little things really bug me:

  • In the Internet Browser in Fullscreen Mode, there is no back or forward option, one has to go back to normal screen mode and select back, which then gives an option to go back or forward.
  • No Kinetic scrolling (yet).
  • Front screen does not have enough shortcuts.
  • In Messaging, New Message, if you click into the To area, one would expect to see a option to go to the Address Book, but there is no option other to manually put in the telephone number. If one goes back one screen there is an address book on the bottom menu. It’s me being padantic, but if the option is there to click into it, then they should have an option inside to go to the address book, even if it’s in the 3 horizontal line menu, where cut and paste options are.
  • In the Music section if a song is being played, and you happen to click back too many times, you will EXIT the music application. On the N95 there was an option to HIDE the application. This is very useful, and prevents accidentally EXITING the music application.
  • Staying the in Music Section, going directly to “Now playing” would be useful. There is an option, but it’s in a menu. If you click on the Quick Menu, and select music, it takes you to the root menu, and not “Now Playing” if something is playing.
  • The camera is poor in every sense. It should have been 5MP at least. I guess because it was a fairly cheap phone, they (Nokia) had to skimp on one part of the phone. As a result I do not use the camera.

The Good:
Having had the 5800XM for about nine months, the device has grown on me. It has it’s niggles (see above), but overall I think there are more positives than negatives and I will try and list them below:

  • Having a lock button is very useful especially since it stops the screen from being pressed when it a pocket.
  • Video playback is incredible on the large screen.
  • Music playback is brilliant.
  • Sound output is superb through the two stereo speakers.
  • A2DP bluetooth support is amazing. I have the Sony Bluetooth headphones and recently purchased Nokia BH-905 noise cancelling headphones and having no wires is a pleasure. I chuckle every day on the train to work / to home when I see iPhone / iPod users with their silly NAFF white ear phones. They are all a bunch of sheep.
  • Flipping the phone over when it rings or when the alarm goes off silences it or put the phone into snooze mode. (no pressing buttons or anything – very clever).
  • Lots of applications including lots of free applications make this phone a handy device to have around. I have listed all the applications I have on my phone below. That list is growing all the time.
  • The phone is light and feels really good in your hand.
  • If though there is a stylus in the back I can honestly say I have never used it. The screen is very responsive to the finger.
  • The battery lasts a very long time. I consider myself a very heavy user and by that I mean:
    • 50 minutes every morning on the train to work I am listening to music (a full album) via bluetooth headphones,
    • I am surfing the internet,
    • I am chatting on MSN,
    • I am texting people,
    • I am on Facebook and
    • I am reading and sending emails via Nokia Messaging.
    • At work (shhhhhh) I am often bluetoothing new applications to the phone, testing applications, checking email or facebook or occassionally playing games (in my breaks).
    • Another 50 minutes back home and all of the above is repeated.
    • To this day I have never run out of battery.
    • However I do charge my phone every night when I go to bed.
  • It supports SDHC cards.
  • OTA support. (over the air) updates = brilliant.
  • HDSPA = Very fast internet = Again brilliant. Surfing the web on this phone is an absolute pleasure. I use the Nokia Browser as well as Opera Mini. I find Opera good in the sense that one can load a very large web site with loads of photos and opera only loads the pictures when you reach them on the page, where as Nokia Browser is good for RSS feeds, smaller websites.
  • Wireless support – Handy when the internet is not available.
  • OVI Share, ZYB sync are two brilliant features of this phone. Sharing / backing up contacts, calendars bookmarks remotely is so easy.
  • Plenty of cool themes.

Links relating to the phone from various sources:

Websites offering free software for the 5800:

Software I use on the 5800 (this is a growing list and will be updated as applications are added):

  • Slick – IM Client (although it’s not available yet).
  • Mobbler for Last.FM – Another brilliant application if you listen to a lot of music online.
  • Fring – Beta Release (This is the file – I’ll save you the hassle of downloading it from some weird website with strange language and characters), although I could not get it to work. It loads up and then starts a test to determine a connection to their network. It does this forever. I ended up aborting, un-installing and re-installing, and trying again, but the same problem occured.
  • Screensnap – Various websites are offering this application link – It’s a brilliant application, a must have if you are wanting to capture a screen and post to a blog etc.
  • Gooogle Maps or from your phone
  • Goolgle Mail or from your phone. (although the screen is very basic and has touch controls, which I do not like at all).
  • MSN Live (This link is the version for the 5800XM but after entering all your details, Messenger says “can not allow login” – it seems to be happening to a lot of people).
  • ZYB – Supports the Nokia 5800XM (I installed it and it’s Brilliant, Easy to setup and to manage, Quick, Syncs with Google Calendar as well, just overall WOW!) and I will definitely be using it until OVI sort themselves out in a big way).
  • Notes Version 5.0 – Runs in background and periodically shows the notes on your mobile phone display, Automatic scrolling, Full screen mode.
  • X-Plore by LonelyCats (brilliant).
  • PhoneTorch (brilliant).
  • ScreenSnap (brilliant).
  • SMS Timer (brilliant) – allows one to schedule SMS’s, excellent if you don’t want to send a SMS immediately.
  • AccuWeather (brilliant).
  • PhotoBrowser – funky browser with magnifying glass. (Nice Gimmick).
  • TagReader – Microsoft’s barcode reader (Very Clever).
  • Nokia Mobile Codes – Nokia’s barcode reader (Very Clever).
  • Split the bill from – Very useful if you dine in large groups and have the habbit of splitting the bill.
  • Google Maps, Google Search, Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Translate, Gmail – All very useful applications which I use daily.
  • Soft Touch Stop Watch.
  • Nokia Friend View which uses the GPS to pinpoint you and your friends. (Very useful).
  • Nokia Maps. (Useful in the car, but not used very often).
  • Metro de Paris, NYC Subways maps, London Tube with Zoom buttons (Very very useful), all from
  • FoneFood – A very clever and useful app from – used to find restaurants in whatever area you might be in.
  • MyPhone – Ha Ha this is a classic application! It’s called “Exceeding iPhone” and they have somehow managed to use the iPhone UI (user interface) on the 5800XM. So you have a  Nokia 5800 with an iPhone interface. It’s darn clever. Check out their website.
  • Games: Bounce, RT GR, SudokuMaster, Checkers, MR2, Sensitive, Solitaire, Shuffle Shock, Quickblock, R.Bubbles (none of these games are earth shattering).
  • Finger print scanner (this is very clever – unlock your phone with your finger print).
  • UK Train Timetable – Very useful if you are living in the UK.
  • MusicStopper – set the timer and your music or radio will automatically stop. (so useful).
  • Level – uses the accelerometer to give you a level. Works well.
  • Bright light (a simple application that allows you to switch on your flash to be used as a torch.
  • Mirror (uses the front camera).
  • SMS Tag (Tag your SMS’s if you hoard them). I use it for finding sms.
  • Strobe (you can set your flash to act like a strobe light. You can set the rate of pulse as well – very clever).
  • For your ears only – This useful application will stop the music as soon as you disconnect the headset. I  have tested this with wired headphones and wireless bluetooth headphones. Works brilliantly!!!
  • gReader – a google news reader application. (pay).
  • Gravity – Twitter, Facebook, News reader (pay, but by far the best twitter application for a touch phone). It’s also got kinetic scrolling which is a pleasure to use.
  • Ovi Contacts
  • Ovi Files
  • PowerMP3 – a better mp3 player with a large choice of excellent equalizers. They work really well. Also a better one click menu for choosing artists, albums, genres etc.
  • Banner – for showing off (shows a dot matrix message of your choice in three cool colours).
  • Mastermind / Memo deduction – Mastermind type game.
  • Vlingo – voice activated task application. You say it and it will do it for you. From searching the web to sending a text message.
  • Google Search with Voice – Very cool indeed and very accurate.
  • WordMobi – WordPress editor – Brilliant, has a full editor, you can insert images from your phone. Very handy indeed if you want to post on the fly.
  • Opera Mobile Beta 10 – Impressive, although loading large sites causes the phone to show “out of memory errors”. For me this is often.
  • Playlist DJ – A mood playing application. It somehow plays certain tracks according to the mood or genre they are in. Very useful if you want to play completely random music.
  • QuickMark – barcode reader (works really well).
  • SMS Timer – one of the most useful applications on my phone. This allows you to schedule a SMS. Perfect if you are on a train or underground or just want a message to go out at a later time. I use it all the time.
  • Screensnap – Screenshot application.
  • LP Live – Lonely planet live. It makes use of the GPS and gives you endless choices to surrounding shops, theatres, entertainment, holidays, places of interest etc.
  • DeviceInfo – Shows you your device and all the important information such as RAM, Free RAM, diskspace, MAC Address, IP address etc.
  • Bloomberg – a news application specifically released by Bloomberg.
  • Pixelpipe – a sharing tool for sharing photos, content with various sources (flickr, facebook, picasso, ovi, youtube, wordpress, typepad etc). There are over a dozen or more sites that can be set up
  • iSearch – a cool search application.

Websites I support targeting this phone:

Forums I frequent and comment on with reviews, applications, themes, etc:

Great looking themes from PiZero:

  • Mystic – A great free theme.

My Current Theme

  • Dark Star – An awesome theme.
  • White Pro by Mandeep (works well on the 5800).

Cool looking Headers for the Nokia 5800XM:


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