The lovely missus and I were listening to the excellent, funny, outrageously tall, Iain Lee show on LBC 97.3fm on the way home tonight and he was talking about coppers (those horrible brown 1 pence & 2 pence coins), that tend to lie around the house in drawers, and jars and piggy banks and whatever container that can hold them. Everyone was phoning in and saying how disgusting they are. Well, I hate ’em…. I loathe them, but I am too lazy to put them in a big bag and take them down to the bank or shopping centre to count them out or exchange them for cash. It’s just a right old pain. But fear no more, the solution is quite simple, and you will be doing a really good deed for someone else. Why not donate them to charity? Aaaah! you might be saying! – No really, I got a call this evening from Guide Posts Trust, who I thought was going to be another crank call, they are a registered charity (No: 272619), and they look after quite a few services namely; Elderly Care, Learning Disability, Mental Health, Carers Support, Home Support Services etc. They will gladly take all your coppers and put it towards those services or charities. Personally I think it’s a damm good thing, and a great way to give a little back to the people that really need it.