I was over at Forgetfoo.com and Guinnessping.net and couldn’t help but notice the beautiful Octoberfest beer girls and festival photos they had on their sites. Yes folks its that time of the year again. Damn man! I need to go to the Octoberfest in Munich. (Next year).

There is nothing more satisfying for a man seeing beautiful ladies dressed in tradional dirndl dresses and drinking big jugs of beer…. well actually drinking the beer as well would do it for me. Anyway, thanks to Foo for giving me the idea of putting some photos on my site. I didn’t have to search long as I found some photos on The Boston Globe website.


The photo above was taken by OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images. The man should be given a medal for this photo. It’s truly beautiful.

OctoberFest Upside down

I wonder how many of these lovely ladies were worried about gravity? The photo was taken by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images.

beer waitress

Quite a stunning photograph of a gorgeous waitress carrying 6 large jugs of beer. The Photo was taken by REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch.